An ERC20 Token focused on distributions of fund performance.

About ASTRO Token

ASTRO is a close-ended Erc-20 token which has been created to service the needs of the crypto community. The token focuses on exposure to a diversified portfolio including ICO's, cryptocurrencies and altcoins.

Please view some of our FAQ's below for both new and existing investors.

Investor FAQ's

What is the code for the Astronaut Token?
The Astronaut Token is listed under (ASTRO.)
Configuring ASTRO in MEW
Navigate to where it says "Add Custom Token.'

Configure the MEW Address as follows:


Symbol: ASTRO Decimal: 4
Where can I buy it as a retail investor?
As a close-ended fund, tokens are limited. You may be able to find some sellers of the token by visiting here.
How are Performance distributions paid?
Dividends are paid on a quarterly basis starting December 31 2017.
To receive the dividend, you must have your ASTRO sitting in MEW on the date of distribution (it cannot be on an exchange).
Dividends will automatically be distributed on these dates in ETH.
I am an investor but I'm not receiving reports
To update your profile and contact information we ask that you use the below form. Your details will be updated as soon as possible. Update my details.
Do you have a Telegram group?
We do. If you are an investor of the ERC20 token, click here.

Download the investor app

Existing investors have the ability to download the portfolio app on iOS and Android. Investors will be required to stake 2 ASTRO tokens to gain access to the application and its content.

Once downloaded, please follow the instructions below.

Instructions for App Registration

1. I've downloaded the App, now what?
Access to all of Astronauts apps via smartphone and web is possible through the deposit of a nominal amount of ASTRO tokens to our contract address.

Users will be asked to transfer 2 tokens to a specific contracts address. These tokens will be transferred back to the owner at a later date (with accumulated attached performance dividends). The recipient address will be provided in the next step.
2. Sign up through our portal
By clicking the following link, you will be able to register for the app with your credentials. It will also ask for the staking of 2 ASTRO tokens. Click here to start the process.
3. Wait up to 24 hours
Approval is generally within several hours however it can take up to one full day for your credentials to be issued. If it is any longer, please email the team to check if there has been an error.
4. That's it!
You should then have access to the portfolio tracker, reports and market data from the Astronaut system.

Still Got questions?

Asia Office: L5, 5 Fraser St, Singapore 189352

Cayman Office: One Capital Place, #847, Grand Cayman KY1-1103, Cayman Islands